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Wreath Making Projects

Wreaths look great on a front door, over a mantle, or on a bedroom wall. See these projects for some gorgeous wreaths to make yourself.

Candy Wreath
A few basics on making a candy wreath, from HGTV's Smart Solutions, Episode SSL-420.

Fall Harvest Wreath
Use greenery and fruit to make this wreath and centerpiece, from HGTV's Our Place, Episode OPL-166.

Flag Wreath Project
One photo, materials, and project tips from HGTV's Today at Home, Episode TAH-470.

Wreath Basics from Makestuff.com
Learn more about wreath forms and get links to several wreath projects.

Wreath Projects from HGTV
Type wreaths into the Search box to see all of the wreath articles from HGTV.

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