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What to Do First When Decorating

If you're not sure how to begin a decorating project, read some of the articles and information at these links. They'll give you a good place to start.

So You Think You Want to Redecorate!
Whether you've moved into a new home or an old apartment, you'll undoubtedly feel you want to change some things. It may be small changes or major remodeling. Read this article from About for information about all the elements involved in simple redecorating or extensive remodeling projects.

Inspiration - Where to Find It
An empty room. What are you going to put in it? Use some of the decorating techniques in this article from About to find inspiration for some beautiful and creative interiors and learn how to make home decorating more rewarding.

Ask Yourself Some Questions Before You Decorate
Before you decorate, it's a good idea to ask yourself some questions about the use of the room, your favorite colors and styles, and the light that comes into the room. Read our list of questions you should ask yourself before you decorate any room in your home.

Where to Start a Home Decorating Project
Perfect for first time decorators, this article from About offers tips on what to use as inspiration to start a home decorating project.

What is Your Decorating Style?
Do you like traditional, contemporary, country, or casual? These online quizzes are fast and fun, and can help define your decorating preferences. Start here to find your decorating style!

Decorating Do's and Don'ts
Need a few decorating tips? Browse four pages of decorating do's and don'ts to learn more from this article from About.

What Do You Want To Decorate?
What do you want to decorate? Browse this helpful list of common topics on home decorating and interior design from About.

Ordering A Decorating Project
Once you've decided to update a room where do you start? Should you paint first or carpet? Browse the tips in this article from About on tackling a decorating project in the right order.

You Might Need a Designer If...
Browse the list of tips in this article from About.com on whether you need a designer or if you can do it yourself.

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