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Victorian Style

Use these links to find Victorian furnishings and accessories.

Definition of Victorian
A definition of the Victorian period from About's Antiques guide.

Capture the Beauty of Vintage Doilies
Potter Debbie Walsh has found a way to capture the beauty of a fragile doily so that it can be enjoyed every day.

An Overview of Victorian Style
A must read for lovers of Victorian style. All sorts of helpful links to detailed information are available on this page.

Antique Lighting
Victorian antique light fixtures, including chandeliers, gasoliers, kerosene and electric lamps, girandoles, astrals, argands, sinumbras, and sconces, from www.JoanBogart.com.

Ball and Ball Hardware Reproductions
Antique hardware reproductions from the 18th century through Victorian periods.

Basic Elements of Victorian Styles
Helpful overview of the Early Victorian (1837-1860), Mid Victorian (1860-1880), and Late Victorian (1880-1901) eras.

Hannah Murphy Lamps and Lampshades
This online retailer offers custom-made lamps and lampshades, as well as lamp parts, in the Victorian style.

Magnolia Hall Victorian Furniture Catalog
Reproductions of Victorian sofas, chairs, love seats, tables, four-poster beds, dressers, armoires, vanities and more.

Martha M. House Furniture
This website features Romantic Victorian and Regal French Reproductions made by skilled craftsmen using Honduras mahogany, North American maple and other fine furniture woods. This family-owned company has been involved in the production, design, manufacturing, and sales of furniture for over 50 years.

Rare Victorian
This informative site is built around a blog dedicated to authentic Victorian antiques. It is educational and also sells Victorian pieces outright and by online auction.

The Victorian Web
Learn more about the Victorian era from this comprehensive website.

Victorian Furniture Article from HomeArts
A basic 1 page overview of Victorian furnishings.

Victorian Gingerbread
Victorian Gingerbread fretwork house trim, architectural woodwork and mouldings for porches and interiors, wooden screen doors, gable decorations, brackets and much more!

Victorian Gothic Photo
Photos of the exteriors of nearly a dozen types of home styles, including Victorian Gothic and Italianate.

Victorian Trading Co.
Online source for all things Victorian.

A brief text on some elements of Victorian and Turn of the Century furniture.

For collectors' of Victoriana, a library of information and archives, including links to shops on the Web.

Click on a home style such as "Gothic Revival" to learn more about it.

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