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Decorating with Color

Choose Your Favorite Color and Learn How to Decorate with It.


People tend to be nervous when it comes to decorating with color. It's tough to know what colors work together, how much of each color should be used, and how to choose colors you won't get sick of.

If you want to decorate with color but aren't sure how to get started check out the following articles. All contain information about decorating with specific colors – how to use them and what other colors they work with. Then erase your fear and get started. There's no reason why we can't all inject a little more color into our home and lives!


1. Decorating with Yellow


Despite its popularity, yellow has a reputation for being a bit difficult. It's easily influenced by what's around it and it can change dramatically with the amount of light that comes into the room. No matter how much time you spend pouring over paint chips, you never really know how yellow will look until the room is complete. So if you want to decorate with yellow you just have to go for it. Just try to follow a few rules.


2. Decorating with Orange

Orange Walls Image

There's no better way to add a vibrant burst of energy to your interior space than with orange, but decorating with orange isn't always easy. Check out these tips and suggestions for decorating with this bold and sunny color. 


3. Decorating with Turquoise

Turquoise Room Image
Few colors are as playful as turquoise. Depending on how you use it, turquoise decor can be bold, whimsical, dreamy, or lively. It can be used in traditional and classic rooms or contemporary, modern spaces. The key when decorating with turquoise is to use it in a way that works for your space and your personality.

4. Decorating with White

white room image
Light, clean and airy, white can open up even the smallest of spaces. When a room is decorated completely in white it calls attention to the unique shapes, textures, and characteristics of all of the items within. But decorating with white isn't necessarily easy. There are certain rules that need to be followed to keep an all-white room from looking dull and flat.

5. Decorating with Pink

Decorating with Pink Image
flickr.com/Kent Ng

Pink has always been thought of as a traditionally feminine color, but the truth is that pink can actually be very versatile. It has the power to calm and relax as well as excite and vitalize. From blush to raspberry to coral to fuchsia, no matter what mood you want to create, there's a way to do it with pink. 

6. Decorating with Green

Green Furniture Image
Lauren Flanagan

There are few colors as fresh and rejuvenating as green. Green is the color of rebirth, renewal, and growth. It's soothing, energetic and peaceful. For all these reasons and more, decorating with green remains popular with designers, decorators and homeowners. 

7. Decorating with Red

Decorating with Red Image
Lauren Flanagan

Due to it's dramatic glamour and bold energy, decorating with red takes a certain amount of courage and confidence. But when done correctly, rooms decorated with red can be warm, inviting, and sophisticated. 

8. Decorating with Black

black accents image
flickr.com/Christopher Barson

When it comes to interior decorating black has gotten a bad rap. People tend to think decorating with black is dark and depressing. But this isn't the case. The reality is that at least a little bit of black is essential in every room.

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