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Simple Decorating Ideas

Simple Decorating Ideas for Every Room in the House


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Simple Decorating Ideas

Want to do something right now but don't want to undertake a huge decorating project? Take a look at these simple decorating ideas that can be applied to almost any room in the house.

  • Add your own black and white photos to a collection of professional photographs. Mount them all in black frames and hang them together on the wall.
  • Hang a large mirror across from a window to open up the space and double the amount of natural light.
  • Paint the baseboards a contrasting color (black always works well but it isn't necessary). It's like applying mascara to the eyelashes. It will make the whole wall pop.
  • Find pretty, matching containers for all of the items you keep on the kitchen counters. It's attractive and will help keep your everyday items organized. (This applies just as well to the bathroom, dressing room and office.)
  • Change all your cabinetry hardware.
  • Cover your clear vases in fabric. Either use a glue gun or double-sided tape to attach it.
  • Change your throw pillows. If you've got simple, neutral pillows switch them out for bright and bold with patterns.
  • If you've got a pair of traditional lamps switch them out for something more modern and architectural.
  • Find the window with the best view in your home and make a window seat. Either find or build a cabinet-style bench and then have a cushion made to put on top.
  • Remove three things from your room. Sometimes editing is the most important part of decorating. You'll be amazed how much lighter the room feels.
  • Reorganize and style your bookshelves. It's free and will give your room a fresh new look.
  • Have a piece of glass cut for a table top (a console table or coffee table is a good choice). It adds a layer of elegance and makes it look more finished. If you really want to have fun, or if you want to cover an ugly tabletop, lay a piece of pretty wallpaper under the glass.
  • Take one of the accent colors from your room and paint the ceiling in the same color.
  • Spray paint your old wooden kitchen or dining room chairs. It's cheaper than buying new and can look fantastic. If you so desire, cover the seats in a new fabric as well.
  • Hang a flat weave rug on the wall. Ok, it's a little more expensive than a can of paint, but it'll look cozy and add a great graphic burst.

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