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Solid Surface Countertops

Solid surface countertops are durable, easy to clean, come in many colors, and are water resistant. But they're also vulnerable to scratches, easily discolored by heat, and quite expensive. Read here for details you should know, see installations, and find if solid surface countertops are for you.

Top 10 Kitchen Countertops
Not sure what type of kitchen countertop to buy? This list offers pros and cons for a number of countertop materials.

Solid Surface Countertops
Lee Wallender, About.com's Guide to Home Renovations, gives the scoop on his favorite countertop material, solid surface.

Basic Info on Solid Surfaces
Tips on choosing Formica, Corian, or Silestone for a kitchen countertop.

Find out more about this solid surface that's been around now for 30 years.

Countertops: Your Options
This brief tutorial gives basic information about solid Surface products, the pros and cons, and the price you might expect to pay.

DuPont Corian
DuPont Corian first came on the market in the 1960's and has led as first choice for kitchen remodeling projects ever since. Visit this site to see the full range of Corian products and colors and learn about the flexibility and versatility of this solid surface product.

Kitchen Counter Options
This informative article evaluates the pros and cons of solid surface countertops as well as other materials. Read here to make a more informed decision when you choose your own counters.

Kitchens.com on Solid Surface Countertops
Learn more about solid surface countertops on this information page from Kitchens.com.

Wilsonart manufactures a surface with the beauty of natural materials and the easy care and performance of solid surfacing. With many options, they can create the look and design for any homeowner.

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