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Space Saving Ideas and Tips

Live in a small home or apartment? Browse these space saving tips and ideas for smaller living spaces.

Tips for Furnishing a Small Apartment
Whether you are in a temporary space or move from rental to rental, you'll probably want to make your home feel homey and personal. Read how to plan for your needs and create a space that reflects your likes and dislikes.

Lauri Ward's "Downsizing Your Home With Style"
Author and designer Lauri Ward tells readers how to live "well in a smaller space."

Small Spaces: How To Make a Room Look Larger
With some of the ideas here, you may be able to make even the smallest room in your home look larger.

Ten Tips for Small Spaces
Guest writer, Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, author of "Apartment Therapy: The Eight-Step Home Cure" offers a short article of tips on how to solve small-space decorating challenges.

Storage Solutions for Living Spaces
This article offers ideas for finding and using storage space all over your home.

Decorate Your Entry or Foyer
If you walk into your home as a guest, you'll see what your guests see. Decorate your entry or foyer to welcome yourself and your guests to your home. We'll give you some great ideas.

Paint a Hallway Any Color You Want
This quick tip will empower you to experiment with color in a small area of your home.

"Apartment Therapy" by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan
Author Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan introduces the "Eight-Step Home Cure" for a home that doesn't work in his book, Apartment Therapy. Read About.com's review of this book.

How to Select Versatile Furnishings for Your Home
Read these tips on choosing furniture and accessory pieces that can work well in small or large rooms, offer storage, and can be moved around the house when you need to.

Lessons in A Small Room
Hear how Charlotte Moss describes a room pictured in Victoria Magazine's book, "Designers in Residence".

20 Small House Dos & Don'ts
Several good ideas and decorating principles to use when working in smaller homes.

Small Space Strategy
Tips on color, furniture, multitasking, and clutter control. From BHG online.

Add Panache Petite Spaces
Links to several helpful articles from BHG.com.

HGTV on Space Space Decorating
Links to several short tip pages on small spaces.

Interior Design 101
The online Rental Decorating Digest offers these decorating basics aimed at apartment living.

Live Large in a Small House
A 2 page article from BHG online to help maximize style and function in smaller rooms.

Smart Ideas for Small Spaces from BHG
Eight photos and ideas for making the most of small rooms.

Decorating Small Spaces
Decorating small spaces doesn't mean sacrificing style. All you need to do is plan accordingly and make smart design choices. Here are a few to help you on your way.

Small Space Tricks
When you have a small space it can be difficult to make certain areas to stand out without the room looking too crowded. Here are a few small space tricks that will add impact to certain items and spaces in your small room.

Small Space Solutions for the Most Popular Rooms in the House
Live in a small space? Don't worry. These tips and tricks will help make the most of your adorable abode.

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