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Seasonal Decorating Ideas

Summer suggests light and airy interiors, fresh colors, and lots of flowers. In winter we want a cozy, warm look. Find ideas here for decorating your home for all the seasons, including projects you can do yourself.
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Tips on Changing the Look of a Room
It's nice to adapt your decor to the calendar and it doesn't mean a total redecorating. You can give any room a seasonal change by using some of these simple ideas.

How to Change Your Decor With the Seasons
It's fun to feel cozy in the winter with warm colors and soft, fluffy fabrics. In the summmer, a cool, airy look is appealing. In this How To from About's Interior Decorating site, get some simple ideas for transforming the look of your home with the seasons.

12 Easy Summer Decorating Ideas
12 Easy Summer Decorating Ideas

Front Porch Decorating Ideas
The front porch is the first thing people see when they approach your home. Learn how to make it warm and welcoming with these front porch decorating ideas.

Planning a Party in the Great Outdoors
Tips and ideas for planning a party in the great outdoors.

Simple Ideas for Decorating with Flowers from the Garden
5 simple ideas for decorating with flowers.

Cheap Fall Decorating Ideas
Decorating for the seasons can be expensive, but with these cheap fall decorating ideas you'll be able to give your home seasonal flair without breaking the bank.

Outdoor Decorating for Spring and Summer
Outdoor decorating is just as important as interior decorating, particularly in the springtime. So to make the most of your time spent outdoors, be sure to make your space the best it can be. After all, the outdoors is a natural extension of the indoors – so don't forget to decorate!

Decorating an Outdoor Room
The first rule of decorating an outdoor room is to treat it the same way you would an indoor room. Use styles of furniture, fabrics and accessories as you would inside, just tailor them so they suit the outdoors. Here are a few tips.

Decorating Front Porches and Outdoor Rooms
Great ideas for decorating a front porch or outdoor room.

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