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How to Remove Old Wallpaper and Borders

Out With the Paper But Save the Walls


Using wallpaper to cover walls is popular again after several years. You might want to try new wallpaper in your home. You don't need to repaint the walls to get rid of the hideous wallpaper or borders that are already there.

Learn how to remove unwanted wallpaper and not destroy the paint finish underneath. You may want to put up new paper and the walls will be in great shape.

Begin the wallpaper removal process by spraying the edge of the paper or border and let the water soak into the paper for a while. Start scraping the paper off from the edge in with a plastic scraper that won't mar the walls. Always start at the bottom and wipe up any drips immediately.

If this first step doesn't work, use a clothes steamer if you have one. Do a small area at time, loosening then scraping the paper.

If the adhesive is stubborn, you might have to resort to dampening the paper with white vinegar, which is a solvent for the glue.

If all else fails, purchase some commercial wallpaper remover and follow the directions carefully. The enzymes in the product will dissolve the wallpaper paste and make removal easy, finally.

With any of these methods, remember to start at the bottom and wipe up all spills or drips immediately so the walls are not soiled or stained.

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