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Professional Associations and Certification

Links to professional associations for interior designers, with information on certification exams, qualifications for membership, testing, to the trade marts, and more.

Search the American Society of Interior Designers site for continuing education info, member services, conferences, technical articles, and industry partners.

Furniture Designers
Membership information and news from the American Society of Furniture Designers.

Interior Design Educators Council
IDEC's website has membership info, an online directory, conference info, links to member schools, position announcements, graduate programs, and more.

Interior Design Society
Membership and education information for this organization to promote excellence in the practice of residential interior design. CQRID Exam application and info here also.

Interior Designers of Canada
Get info on education, including approved design programs, professional qualification, and continuing education. Also see the design gallery, online portfolios, and more.

Interior Redesigners
Website for IRIS, an association of interior redesigners. Locate a designer and see a gallery of before and after photos.

Interior Refiners Network®
An international organization of certified decorators and interior redesigners. Founded in 1981 by Lauri Ward, author of "Use What You Have Decorating," the IRN offers referrals and continuing education to members who have successfully completed training and have been certified in the original Use-What-You-Have Interiors® system.

International Interior Design Association - IIDA
Learn more about IIDA, The International Interior Design Association, which is a professional networking and educational association.

State Licensing Agencies for Designers
Dezignare's links and lists of U.S. state agencies that oversee licensing for interior designers.

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