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Top 8 Specialty Paint Lines

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Top 8 Specialty Paint Lines
Are you looking for a subtle, perfect interior paint color or a paint that’s low-odor and environmentally friendly? Our list of specialty paint lines will help you zero in on just the right paint for your decorating project.

  • Devine Color pioneered paint sample packets, allowing homeowners and designers to test paint colors without having to purchase an entire pint. Founder Gretchen Schauffler describes the paint as having the texture of “thick, rich yogurt” and says they apply to walls like chiffon without the strong odor of most paints.

  • Restoration Hardware’s furniture, fabrics, and accessories coordinate perfectly with their small collection of 24 wall paint color, so it will be a no-brainer to match your paint with the towels, with the sheets, with the comforter. Well, you get it.

  • Eddie Bauer Home interior paints come in 192 colors. These colors can be used in any space, though they are divided into four unique collections titled Lakeside Cottage, American Farmhouse, Craftsman Bungalow, and Ridgeline Cabin.

  • The Silk Trading Co. now sells an organic milk paint to compliment their offerings of custom draperies. Soothing paint color names like Coffee, Saltair, Apple, Stargazer, Teak, and Butternut will appeal to your softer side. Tester pots are available for $9 on their website.

  • YOLO Colorhouse makes environmentally responsible, premium, zero-voc paints. (VOC's are solvents which evaporate and are thought to be contributors to the depletion of the ozone layer, as well as to poor indoor air quality.) Available in a palette of 40 hues inspired by nature.

  • Ralph Lauren knows color and his collections offer cohesive palettes designer-selected from hundreds of colors, letting you mix and match with ease. Order color testers online ($3.99 for a 2 oz. packet) to see a hue in your own home.

  • Old-Fashioned Milk Paint is a specialty paint manufacturer with a line of 20 paint colors developed to match interiors of such historic sites as Winterthur, Colonial Williamsburg, and Old Sturbridge Village. This organic paint is environmentally friendly and all ingredients are biodegradable.

  • The Martha Stewart Signature™ Color Palette includes over 400 colors, available exclusively from Sherwin-Williams.

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