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Napkin Folding Instructions

These sites will have you decorating your table with beautifully folded cloth napkins at every setting.

Classic Triangle Napkin Folding
A simple triangle napkin folding adds form and interest to a classic table.

Tips for Using Cloth Napkins for Beautiful Napkin Folding and Table Settings
Use cloth napkins to create beautiful napkin folds to set a beautiful table and contribute to saving our natural resources.

Traditional Three-Fold Napkin Folding
A traditional three-fold napkin is a basic napkin folding design. You probably know how to do this napkin fold already.

Napkin Folding for a Lace-Tipped Napkin
This napkin folding technique is lovely if you have a lace-tipped napkin. But it will look tailored with a plain napkin.

Classic Pyramid Napkin Folding
This Pyramid Napkin Fold is one you'll see at lots of high-end restaurants. It's not hard to make at all.

Chinese Fan Napkin Folding
Follow our simple napkin folding guide to create a lovely Chinese fan for your dining table.

Love Knot Napkin Fold
Follow our napkin folding photos to create a simple yet elegant Love Knot for your table.

Create a Wings Napkin Fold
The simple wings napkin fold is an elegant form of napkin folding.

12 Classic Napkin Folds for Your Table
A beautifully set table is enhanced by an artistically folded napkin at the place. See our easy tutorials on how to create 12 different napkin folds. You're sure to find one you love!

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