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Decorating with Sunburst Mirrors

Designer Ideas for Displaying These Decorating Classics


Sunburst and starburst mirrors have been around practically forever (they were all the rage in 19th Century Italy and Louis XIV of France was known to regularly admire himself in one) but every time it seems like they might be losing popularity they show up in a magazine spread or designer showcase and they come back into style once again.

Sunburst mirrors are playful and sculptural but the main reason they remain so popular is their ability to blend into just about any space. They work just as well in traditional spaces as they do modern and just as well in glamorous homes as those more subdued. They can look sophisticated, whimsical, contemporary and fun. All in all, sunburst mirrors are the perfect exclamation point for just about any room.

Check out these designer examples of decorating with Sunburst mirrors.
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Sunburst Mirror ImageHang a Mirror Over a Console TableMirror over bed imageOver the BedMirror over sofa imageHang a Sunburst Over a SofaMirror on Wallpaper imageShape on Top of Pattern
Mirror Over Mantle ImageHang a Sunburst Mirror on a Dark WallWhite Sunburst MirrorWhite Sunburst Mirror

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