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Combine Natural Stone, Wood, and Color for a Tuscan Style Home


Tuscan Style Decorating

Natural stone forms a beautiful architectural arch.

Homes decorated in the Tuscan decorating style are inspired by the elements of nature. Crumbling stone walls, intricate wrought iron accessories, sun-washed hillsides, rustic stone farmhouses, marble flooring and sturdy hardwood furniture are just some of the wonderful elements of this decorating style.

Because almost anyone can visualize himself in such a peaceful setting, it's no wonder that Tuscan style decorating is so popular for today's homes.

The appeal lies in its simplicity. By combining comfortable, worn, loved pieces, a room becomes warm and inviting. There's no attempt at pretense here.

From ancient Roman times, people moved to the beautiful hills of central Italy to remove themselves from city life, escape the intrigue of politics, and embrace the idealized culture of the country. They enjoyed the beauty of nature and incorporated the elements into their villas. These same elements are what makes Tuscan style decorating so appealing for our homes today.

Using sturdy materials that stand the test of time, the look of Tuscan style decorating is rustic, warm, and inviting. Nothing should look shiny and new.

Using the natural materials found in this area of Italy, the Tuscan home is built of sandstone or limestone, available in a wide range of hues. Marble is found in abundance and is used for decorative details, flooring, arches, and pillars.

Homes have an enduring quality about them and look solid and substantial. Terracotta roof tiles] can be seen everywhere in Tuscany, and should be incorporated into any home being designed in the Tuscan style.

Deep-set windows framed by sandstone are often protected with rustic wooden shutters.

Outdoor spaces are critically important, and a home incorporating Tuscan style decorating must include a patio, loggia, or portico. Walls built of sandstone bricks frame today's home, where in ancient times they served as a defense.

Water is a critical element in Tuscan style decorating, and many homes have a water fountain in the central courtyard surrounded by beautiful, wildly growing greenery. Marble statues grace outdoor spaces. Tall, graceful cypress tress sway in the breeze.

Walkways, driveways, and garden paths are set with stone or brick. Nature takes its course and grass grows up between the stones. How charming!

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