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Magazines on Interior Decorating

There are so many magazines on the market about interior decorating. Whether you're thinking about subscribing or wondering what to pick up at the newsstand, you'll find these sources helpful and focused.

"Top 10 Interior Decorating Magazines in Print"
Decorating magazines abound on the market and many of them offer wonderful ideas and inspiration for decorating your home. Read here to find which ones are rated the best.

Architectural Digest
Celebrity homes and exotic international locations are featured in this leading design magazine. Visit castles and cottages, apartments and villas around the world and get ideas for your own home--or a fantasy.

House Beautiful
This monthly publication presents practical ideas for your home. Romantic bedrooms, working kitchens, and bathroom escapes, along with remodeling and renovation information, are regular features.

This beautiful magazine, published 6 times a year, gives ideas for entertainment and decoration. Various geographic locations are featured and historic influences emphasized.

Traditional Home
Information on classic interiors, architecture, art, and antiques are found in this magazine published 8 times a year. Vintage furniture and accessories are incorporated with modern conveniences to help you create a workable, traditional home.

Elle Decor
This publication offers ideas for a trendy, upscale lifestyle with contemporary French influence.

Romantic Homes
You'll find a wealth of ideas to help you create your own cozy, romantic, intimate home in this wonderful magazine.

Better Homes & Gardens
This magazine offers ideas, advise, and inspiration for a happy family and home.

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