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Eco-Hides Are First the Eco-Friendly Leather Products

Save the Environment by Deterring Global Warming with Eco-Friendly Leather


Eco-Hides Are First the Eco-Friendly Leather Products
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Eco-friendly leather has been introduced by a 25-year old leather finishing company Danfield Inc. Based in a Los Angeles, California, they have introduced Eco-Hides, ecologically friendly leather hides.

This is the first time a company which processes leather has introduced products which are sustainable and environmentally conscious.

The new line of Eco-Hides will be ideal for furniture upholstery and other interior design applications, in the hospitality and airline industries, and in fashion.

Conventional tanning techniques include the use of chrome and other heavy metals which transform the perishable raw hides into durable leather, but at the expense of our natural resources. The chrome and other metals pollute and contaminate our air and water.

The finishing process used for Eco-Hides at Danfield, Inc. includes natural vegetable products and waxes to create pliable leather with a very soft hand.

Instead of using minerals or metals in the tanning process, Danfield uses materials derived from sustainable, farm bred, Mimosa trees. The natural extract from the trees is used to produce the chemicals necessary for tanning leather without the use of any toxic heavy metals.

The result of this eco-friendly process results in an environmentally-friendly natural process, producing breathable and highly flexible hides.

EcoHides are available in in-stock or custom colors and finishes through EcoHides website.

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