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What to Consider Before a Kitchen Remodel

Start by Planning Ahead


What to Consider Before a Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling a kitchen is a big undertaking and one that requires careful planning. If you’re thinking about redoing your kitchen, these ideas offer some important things to consider before you go ahead with your remodeling plans.

Whether you’ve already gathered information, ideas, and samples, or are in the beginning stages of looking at your space and trying to figure out what to do, it’s smart to step back and consider the larger picture of remodeling a kitchen.

How Much Will it Cost?
It may be no fun to think about, but the cost of remodeling a kitchen can be a major expense. Sure, you want your new kitchen to be beautiful and functional, but you also don’t want the project to be dizzingly expensive.

Ideas to Consider:

  • Call a neighborhood realtor for advice on how much your home may be worth and how much a kitchen might add to the home’s value.
  • Study kitchen and remodeling magazines for budgeting hints.
  • Look into a home equity loan.
  • Explore financing options for cabinetry and appliances (such as, no interest for 6 months, etc.)
  • Look for ways to save money by doing parts of the work yourself.

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