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Decorating Children's Rooms

This is a one-stop index to lots of ideas for children's bedrooms with paint projects, furnishings, luxury furnishings, and ideas for decorating on a budget.

About's Guide to Decorating Kids' Rooms
This page contains links to everything you'd want to know about decorating a child's bedroom -- from theme rooms to fun furniture, faux wall painting to window treatments.

Color for Kids' Rooms
Our photos will show you wonderful ideas on ways to decorate a child's room using a fun theme and bold color. Choose what you like and put together your own child's room.

Finding Inspiration for Kids' Rooms
It’s so tempting to think of pale pink for girls and blue for boys. But there are other ways to get inspiration for decorating kids’ rooms.

Themes for Childrens Rooms
Everybody loves bunnies, but if your heart is set on something "different" then don't miss these fun (and affordable) ideas for children's theme rooms. One page just for boys, and 2 additional pages for girls.

Versatile Furnishings in a Child's Room
Plan ahead for a growing child by creating a room that is long-lasting and versatile. Find out how to design a bedroom that will go beyond babyhood, and see some great examples of convertible furnishings.

How to Use a Decorating Theme in a Child's Room
One of the best ways to decorate a child's room is around a theme or color scheme. The simple How-To instructions will be easy to follow whether you're doing a boy's room or a girl's room.

Gentle Green for Boys and Girls
Green is a color that can adapt to a bold theme or a gentle background. See green used for both a girl's room and a boy's room.

Kids Luxe
Furniture and apparel for kids is trending toward the luxurious. Find out what celeb moms might choose for their precious little ones in this joint Fashion/Decorating feature.

Window Treatments in a Child's Room
Window treatments in a child's room deserve special consideration. Beyond the choices of color, style, and pattern, are the basic safety and function issues.

Boys Rooms Essentials
Decorate your little boy's room just for him and he'll love it for years. Read about what's essential for a comfy and homey boy's room.

Room Decor for an Adopted Child
Find helpful ideas on preparing a room for a new child in the family, with tips from About.com's Adoption Guide, Sass Stanfield.

Quiz: Which Kids' Bedroom Theme Is Right for Your Child?
Take this simple quiz from BHG.com to determine the right theme for your child's room decor.

Alphabet Frieze
A project from Martha Stewart using wood strips to hold large alphabet cards up near the ceiling.

Benjamin Moore
Project of the Month: Sponge paint stars and sky for a child's room. An easy and fun look for kids!

Chalkboard Paint
Projects from Benjamin Moore, including an art wall using Crayola® Chalkboard Paint for a child's room or playroom. Many ideas and full instructions.

Childrens Decorating Themes
Photos and ideas for several room themes, including castles, fishing, bows, baseball, trees, and gardens.

Decorating Kid Rooms
Read basic articles and find links to products for kids' rooms.

Furniture from Cardboard Boxes
Instructions but no photos of ideas to create furniture pieces using cardboard.

Kid Spaces Idea Photos
See photos of several decorating and storage ideas on this site.

Photo Walls and Doors
Large scale photo murals to decorate your walls or doors. Beach scenes, waterfalls, lovely landscapes, and designs for kids.

Tips from Sheffield on Kids Rooms
Some nice decorating tips and ideas from Sheffield School.

Tips Page #2 from Sheffield on Kids Rooms
More info on childrens furniture and decor.

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