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Interior Painting for Your Home

The proper application of paint on walls, floors, or furniture can change the look of a room at very little cost. Using the right paint, selecting the proper product, and using professional-style techniques will give you the results worthy of your home. Get all the information you'll need on interior paint types, products, materials and application. Also, color selection and tips from the pros, faux painting techniques, and paint estimator tools. Plus detailed how-tos on painting interior rooms!
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  2. Faux Finishing (108)
  3. Guides to Buying Paint (7)
  4. Paint Color (9)
  5. Paint Manufacturers (23)
  6. Paint Projects for Kid Room (4)
  7. Painting How Tos (15)
  8. Painting Tips (8)
  9. Painting With Stencils (18)

Guide to Interior Paint Finishes
Are you confused about paint finishes? Use this brief guide to help you decide which finish might be best for your project.

How to Choose the Right Color Paint
When you walk into a paint store are you dazzled or dumbfounded? Our article will help you make sense out of all the choices and guide you to the perfect paint for your job.

Tip on Painting Balusters
Painting balusters can be a difficult and time-consuming project. Read this Quick Tip from About's Interior Decorating site for help in tackling this unpleasant task.

Selecting the Best Dark Paint
There's nothing worse than a fresh paint job with faded spots from cleaning, and dark colors are the worst. Read here for great advise on selecting the best paint for dark colors for your home.

Use Paint to Change the Look of a Room
Paint is one of the least expensive materials that you can use to change the look of a room. Read how to use color in your space.

Easy Paint Projects You Can Do in a Weekend
Spruce up your home with some of these mini projects that can be accomplished in less than a weekend.

Easy Stencil Projects Add Style to a Room
Stencil design has grown up! Here are some of our favorite easy project ideas to add touches of style to your home.

How Paint Can Change the Look of a Room
Are you hoping to change the look of your living spaces? It is easy to do with just a simple change of paint color and decorative painting techniques.

About.com's House Painting Encyclopedia
About.com's guides to Interior Decorating, Architecture, and Home Repair have combined their information into this complete resource for interior and exterior painting. Find articles on choosing paint, selecting colors and finishes, and application techniques.

Tips and Techniques for a Great Paint Job
A room looks wonderful with a fresh coat of paint. But if you have a "Love-Hate" relationship with painting, you'll want to read our tips on getting a great finished product. You might even enjoy the project as much as the final product!

Top 8 Interior Paint Manufacturers
Choosing the best paint for the job is just as important as applying the paint correctly. Read here about our top choices for interior paint and visit the company websites.

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