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Storage Space in a Child's Room

Look High and Low for Storage Space


Storage Space in a Child's Room

This adorable chest of drawers is from for Mercy's Sake.

You might feel that every space in your child's room is filled and there's not an inch of space to put one more thing. But with a keen eye and dogged determination, you'll discover space for just about anything.

Look around you-- with our help.

  • In a Closet
    A closet is a space dedicated to storage. A big box really. You don't have to hang clothes on the pole and put stuff on the shelves high above.

    You can arrange a closet any way that works for you. Use it to the best advantage for everything that your child owns. If the child is small, put the things that they will get at themselves down low at eye level. You probably won't need much hanging space, so add shelves, drawers, and boxes to store things.

  • High Overhead
    Adding shelves 12" to 18" below the ceiling, all around the room or just on one wall, will offer lots of display space and storage area. If you need things out of sight, put color-coordinated storage boxes on the shelves. Carefully mark each box with contents, using a label maker or press-on letters. Or collect baskets to hold things out of reach. To make them decorative, you can spray paint with a color to coordinate with the room's decor or tie pretty wired bows on the outside.

    This is a great place to display sports trophies, collections of almost anything, pictures or child artwork, or out-of-season clothes, neatly folded. You'll find more shelving ideas and projects here.

  • On Shelves
    Book shelves are not just for books! In fact, book shelves work for storing almost anything. Make sure there's enough room to put everything, and for an interesting look, make room for stuffed animals, dolls, or cars on the same shelf as books.

    Or to hide away some small pieces, use colorful or clear plastic boxes with lids. Or choose boxy baskets that will slide easily on and off the shelves.

    Use a low book shelf at the end of a bed or on the side as a bedside table.

  • Under the Bed
    Some children's beds are built with pull-out drawers under the box spring--how clever! They offer built-in storage.

    But you can add similar space by rolling boxes under a regular bed. To keep things dust-free, cover the boxes. This is a great place to store out-of-season or outgrown clothes or old school work.

  • Inside a Chest of Drawers or Storage Bench
    Add a great piece of furniture to provide storage space in a child's room. Drawers work for almost anything. Be sure they cannot pull all the way out! A storage bench is great for odd-shaped things like balls, skates, and other sporting items. Be sure that the hinges are safe and the top won't fall down on little heads or tiny fingers.

Find more storage ideas for kids' rooms.

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