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Home Floorplans and Blueprints

Sources for home plans and blueprints available on the Internet. Browse, get ideas, or shop!
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Better Homes and Gardens
Find a home design. Get photos of exteriors, then choose a home to see a description and floorplans.

Home Floorplans
Search home design plans, or look at the photo gallery. Click on a home photo to get a description, square footage, floor plans with room dimensions.

Icovia Space Planner
This online space planning tool offers professional-style options to create and manage floor plans and designs for your home. Though created for professional designers, it would be a great resource for serious homeowners, as well. Subscription is required after you view its free demo.

Michael Holigan Homes
Search for home plans by square feet, number of rooms, garage type, and more. Blueprints and books available also.

Small Home Designs
An online gallery of home designs, from Knight Associates, Architects. Also a portfolio of smaller homes in Lucias Little Houses.

Small Home
Floorplans for a smaller home, from the author of "The Not So Big House". Blueprints available.

Southern Living Idea Homes
Idea homes with floorplans (and room dimensions) to view online, from Southern Living.

Fine Homebuilding Online
Features on all aspects of home design and building.

The Not So Big House
Website for the architect who wrote the book on smaller home living.

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