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On Valentine's Day Say I Love You All Around the House

Little Ways to Bring Lots of Smiles on Valentine's Day and Every Day


Valentine's Day isn't just for lovers. It's a special day of the year to express your love and appreciation to many people in your life.

Whether it's children, siblings, friends, or co-workers, a special message will be appreciated by all.

I particularly like to do something special for my adult daughters. I know I'm not their sweetheart but there's no one on earth who loves them more than I do. And I like to tell them so in fun little ways!

With little touches around the house, on a desk, or around a dinner table, you can let the people in your life know how special they are to you. I don't know a person who wouldn't enjoy it!

Here are our ideas on tiny little ways to bring the Valentine spirit to your home.

It doesn't matter a bit if red or pink don't go with your decor. You'll only have these special touches up for a day or two. They'll surely bring a smile to faces!

  • Add a Bow to a Stuffed Animal
    One of my daughters has a teddy bear that's sat on her bed since she received it on her third Christmas. I tied a Valentine ribbon around its neck.

  • Tie Red Ribbons on a Chandelier or Ceiling Fixure
    I keep my red Christmas bows handy and get them out again for Valentine's Day. I tie a bow on each arm of the chandelier and leave them there for a few days.

  • Tape a Red Ribbon on the Computer Monitor
    A simple red bow taped onto the frame of the computer monitor is a reminder all day long that someone loves (or admires) you! Try it out!

  • String a Valentine Garland Over a Chair
    Adapt a wedding touch and tie a garland over the back of a chair where your special someone will sit. Attach small heart-shaped ornaments to the ribbon and swag it on the chair.

  • Put a Small Vase of Flowers on the Bathroom Counter
    A simple trip to the market will provide flowers. But go early, as Valentine's Day is the most popular day to send or give flowers. Choose a small vase or pretty footed glass and arrange a few stems with greenery. Place the arrangement on the bathroom counter or a bedside table so it won't be missed.

  • Perk Up a Plant
    Tie a balloon, bow, or heart to a stick or straw and push it into the dirt of a plant. This little touch makes every plant a Valentine gift.

  • Stuff a Fluffy Red Pillow
    Trace the pattern of a big heart on a piece of newspaper or cardboard and cut out the fabric. Sew a pillow from the pattern using soft velvet, fluffy fleece, or sleek satin. Place the pillow on a bedroom chair in the morning or on the bed at night. Instant romance!

  • Don't Forget the Candles!
    Nothing creates a special ambience like candles. Put them everywhere! Like on the dining room table, a bedside table, on the bathroom counter, along the edge of the bathtub. Don't leave the flames unattended, but put them wherever you'll be spending time.

With simple, inexpensive and tiny touches, you can bring the spirit of Valentine's Day to your home or office or that of your loved ones. It doesn't take much work, but your thoughtfulness will add so muchto their enjoyment of this special day.

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