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Create the Perfect Setting for a Romantic Valentine's Day

Pull Out All the Stops for Your Sweetheart


Flowers- Roses and Hydrangea
Coral Nafie
Are you planning a whimsical Valentine dinner for some wonderful friends or a romantic dinner just for you and your sweetheart? Whichever it is, you can make the evening memorable with a little planning and effort.

You can set the mood for an extra-special Valentine's Day dinner by simply lighting candles and nibbling pizza in front of the fire. Or you can put in some extra effort, take time to plan, and make everything absolutely perfect for a special meal.

Whatever way you intend to prepare for Valentine's Day dinner, the suggestions here will get you started on your way to a wonderful evening.

  • Prepare the Room

    Valentine's Day is one day when you can go "all out" with special touches. How about helium-filled balloons in red, pink, and white, tied to a railing or floating above the dining table? Or yards of sheer red fabric draped over the table? Or fragrant rose petals scattered at each place setting? Or a forest of red candles?

    A word of caution here: do NOT get flower petals on the floor where they could be stepped on or on a chair where someone will sit. The color from some flowers can permanently stain fabrics and carpet.

  • Flowers Are a Must!

    You can buy an expensive arrangement or an impressive dozen long-stemmed roses from a florist. If that's out of your budget, you can (and should) still enjoy the beauty of flowers in your home, especially on this day. With a bunch of flowers from the market, you can try our Rose Arrangement With Greens. Or you can gather together a collection of small bud vases or martini glasses and put one simple flower stem and greens in each. Then cluster them in the center of the table, set one on a bedside table, place one on each step on a stairway, line them along the mantle, or place one in the powder room.

  • Set the Mood

    Create a romantic atmosphere with music wafting through the room. Dim the lights or turn them off! Be sure to light candles everywhere you can think of -- on side tables, at each place setting at the table, on window sills, lining the stairs, clustered in the center of the table.

    With some pre-planning, you can surprise your sweetheart with a special, romantic bedroom for Valentine's Day. Create a romantic canopy bed or paint one wall of your bedroom in a rosy color. Snuggle down in bed with new luxury linens that are silky smooth.

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