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Memorable Gifts for Valentine's Day

The Thought is More Important Than the Money


This is not the occasion for a new drill or lawnmower or a vacuum or toaster! Valentine's Day gifts should be an expression of your love and affection. If you're stumped for ideas for gifts for Valentine's Day, you might get some inspiration here.

There's a good reason that Valentine's cards are covered with flowers and hearts and verses of love and passion. This is a special day to express heartfelt emotion and gratitude for companionship, friendship, and love.

If you want to give a wonderful and memorable Valentine gift, browse down through some of our ideas. Some of our suggestions cost little to nothing, while others are expensive. Whatever your desire or budget, you'll find interesting suggestions for gifts that will be remembered for years to come.

  • Plan a Getaway
    This will take a bit of planning ahead, but spending time together is what Valentine's Day is all about. How about a romantic overnight for just the two of you in a romantic room you've decorated just for the occasion or weekend at a Bed & Breakfast? You don't need to go far away, but just being in a room with a few surprises at home or at a room out of the house will feel special. If you have children, ask a friend or family member to help out and take them overnight so your home will feel private. Or to really splurge, plan a weekend cruise. Once you have your reservations, get a brochure and put it into your Valentine card. Present the card and contents with a bottle of bubbly a few days ahead of time. Then get ready for hugs and thanks!

    If you really can't take time away, make the day special with a "getaway" to an evening in front of the fireplace with romantic music or video and a cozy blanket. Or plan a "couple's" massage at a day spa. Or just plan a few hours touring your town, with a romantic lunch or afternoon tea.

  • Valentine's Day Minus One
    Make plans to have flowers, chocolates, a romantic card or a gift sent to your sweetheart at home or at work the day before the holiday. Everyone will be curious! Be sure to add a note telling how much you're looking forward to tomorrow!

  • Create a Card
    Even if you don't feel very creative, you must admit that you could cut out a heart from a pretty piece of colored paper. Glue several layers together, one on top of the other. Add bits of ribbon, cutout flowers, pieces of lace or a doily, and add your own personal sentiment. You're sure to find it on the refrigerator or dresser now and in a memory box years from now!

  • Give a Gift That's Personal
    To really make the day special, and one to remember, give a gift personalized for the recipient. You could do monogrammed stationery, an embroidered pillow, or monogrammed bed linens. Read our article on Personalized Gift Giving for more ideas.

  • Take a Trip Down Memory Lane
    Gather together all the things that you can find from your special times together, such as theater tickets, a memento of your first "date" movie, photos of your honeymoon or a special occasion, the dried corsage or program from your prom, and of course, any love letters that you might have sent to one another. Present them in a pretty box and enjoy looking at them and reminisce about past times. Be sure to continue to add to the box this year!

  • Look at Photographs
    Take some time to go through your boxes or drawers of photos and get them in order. Buy a collection of 10 or 12 acid-free albums and sort your photos by year. Each January, put the last year's photos into an album and look at them as a special Valentine's Day activity. Remember to take pictures of this Valentine's Day for the next album.

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