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Color Tips and Ideas for Christmas Tree Decorating


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Great color ideas for Christmas tree decorating

There are a few different theories when it comes to christmas tree decorating colors. You can either choose a color theme and stick to it or go completely wild and use every color you can come up with.
  • Often when people have vintage and homemade ornaments they like to use it can be difficult to stick with a color scheme, so instead use all of those ornaments and then try to tie them together with a single color. For instance, purchase a bunch of silver or gold boules and place them all over the tree to create a sense of order and tie all of the other ones together.
  • If you're sticking with a particular color scheme be sure to get ornaments that vary in terms of size and shape. A tree full of ornaments in the same color and shape can end up being a bit boring. You can also branch out and use items like silk flowers, ribbons and more.
  • If you're trying to come up with a color scheme try to take into account the colors in the room. Repeat the tones and hues that are already in the room and the tree will blend in beautifully.
Color Combos for Christmas Trees

Some of the traditional color schemes you often see on Christmas trees include green and red, red and gold, green and gold, silver and red, blue and silver and more. But there are a lot of other great options that are a little more unique and original but still look festive. These include:
  • Black and white
  • Lime green and turquoise
  • Purple and silver
  • Brown and gold
  • Orange and yellow or pink
  • Pink and green
You can combine any of these color schemes with some natural greenery and pinecones, add a little glitter and sparkle, and yuletide cheer and you'll get a completely festive look. Remember, it's not necessarily about the colors you use, but rather how you use them. Repeat them throughout the room in a variety of ways and you'll create a rich, layered look.

If you're having any doubts check out this great online "trim-a-tree" tool from Better Homes and Gardens to see what looks good.

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