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Holiday and Special Occasion Decorating

Birthdays, weddings, Halloween, and Christmas are perfect occasions to do something special for your home. Your family will love the ideas here for special decorating for all the holidays and special occasions that you celebrate.
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Color Tips and Ideas for Christmas Tree Decorating
There are a few different theories when it comes to color in Christmas tree decorating. You can either choose a color theme and stick to it or go completely wild and use every color you can come up with. Here's are some tips and ideas that will help with both.

Holiday Decorating - Entryways
Since the entryway is the first area of your home that people see it's important to make it attractive and welcoming. During the holiday season that means adding a few decorations without adding clutter.

Christmas Decorating Ideas for Powder Rooms
Since powder rooms are tiny and often used by guests they're a great place to make a big impact. If you're lucky enough to have one of these rooms make the most of it and use it as a place to showoff. When it comes to Christmas decorating give the powder room as much thought as any other room in the house and add a little holiday cheer.

Christmas Decorating for the Bedroom
When you think about Christmas decorating you probably think about the living room, dining room, entryway, front porch and maybe even the kitchen. This holiday season why not add a little holiday cheer to your bedroom? There are some simple ways to do it without adding clutter or making it look tacky. Here are a few of them.

Christmas Door Decorations
Nothing welcomes visitors to your home during the holiday season like festive Christmas door decorations. Big or small, traditional or modern, a festive statement hanging on the door will delight anyone who comes to visit.

Christmas Decorations and Holiday Decor
Christmas decorations and holiday d cor are a huge part of the festive season. Walking into a home filled with sparkling lights and the scent of pinecones can instantly lift one's mood and fill even the grumpiest among us with holiday cheer. This year make the most of your home and the season with fun and festive Christmas decorations and...

The 3 Best Entertaining Websites
Need some decorating inspiration for your next party? Check out these websites for some of the best looking parties and ideas you'll find on the web.

Housewarming Gifts
Housewarming Gifts - Easy ideas for what to give and what not to give.

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