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Hiring a Professional Interior Designer

How to find and hire a professional interior designer for your project. Includes tips on using designer referral services, working with decorators, fee structures, contracts, and more.

Hiring A Designer
Explore ways to find, hire, and communicate with a professional interior designer. Also, find tips, how-tos, and articles on how a professional can help you, in this article from About.

Five Ways to Work With a Decorator on a Budget
If you're just starting out or renovating your home, you don't have to spend a fortune to get professional advice. Read this article from About for some great ways to get help from a professional, even if you're on a tight budget.

"Definition of an Interior Designer"
The International Interior Design Association (IIDA) is a professional association with 11,000 members, and provides both short and long definitions of the work of an interior designer.

ASID on How to Hire an Interior Designer
Read this good article with information on interviewing and hiring a designer, as well as agreeing on contracts and fees.

Choosing the Right Designer
Article from Colorado Homes about how to choose a designer. More good articles on remodeling and working with architects.

Decorating on a Budget
Good info on budget decorating and useful tips on working with a designer and ways to save money.

Design Fees Explained
Comprehensive info on hiring a designer: why you might need one, how to find the right one. List of fee arrangements and what the fee may include.

Interior Redesigners
Website for IRIS, an association of interior redesigners. Locate a designer and see a gallery of before and after photos.

Selecting a Design Professional
Tips on how to find and choose a designer for your home project.

Tips on Working with a Designer
Some thoughts on working with a professional, including a recommendation to use a letter of agreement.

Use What You Have
Lauri Ward, author of Use What You Have Decorating, offers this site with before and after photos, message board for questions, and a decorator referral system.

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