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Add More Special Touches to Your Guest Rooms

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Add More Special Touches to Your Guest Rooms

Put out a tray of tea and snacks.

Setting up a guest room doesn't take a lot of time. It just takes a special consideration for your visitor's needs. Get more ideas here.

  • Provide a Set of Keys

    Put together several sets of keys to your home (and car if your guests will be using it). Color-code the sets and keep track of who has what. Keep a simple log (where you can find it) of who has which colored set, and check them in when they're returned.

  • Give Guests the "Inside Scoop"

    If your home has a security system, provide instructions for your guests. This applies if you live in a gated community or neighborhood that has limited access to driveways, swimming pool, walking paths, parking regulations, or emergency evacuation rules.

  • Local Tourist Info

    If your guests will be going around town without you, they'll appreciate area maps, brochures on the hot spots, and directions to your home. Make a list of the best shopping areas, museums, parks, and your favorite restaurants. Mark special locations on the maps with highlighter pens. You can print out directions from major roadways and laminate them, making sure they know how to get back home! Place all the items in a box or basket that you keep in the guest room. You won't have to re-gather everything when another guest arrives.

  • Snacks to Enjoy

    House guests get "the nibbles" in the evening, just like everyone else. Place wrapped snacks, fresh fruit or cookies and a bottle of water in the guest room. How about a small coffee pot or water heater, instant cider, tea, and coffee, and creamer and sugar? When your guests are up late at night reading that book that they can get to only while away from home, they'll be able to put together a tasty snack without sneaking down to your kitchen.

  • Good Reading at Hand

    If you've read a wonderful novel, share it with your guest. Five-minute mysteries, travel books, an assortment of magazines, classic novels, or the local paper will provide quiet-time activities for your guest.

  • Center for Entertainment

    A TV in the guest room would be much appreciated. Add a DVD or CD player and some of your favorite movies. Don't forget to place the remote control near the bed so they don't have to get out of bed to turn them off.

  • High Tech

    If your home is wired, great! If not, provide a phone cord or cable connection to hook up a computer. Many people travel with laptop computers and love to do work or check e-mail when away from home. Provide a desk and chair and a good lamp.

The list of things you've just read might seem very long, but the things on the list are very simple and logical to provide. By thinking of what you would like to find in a fine hotel room, you'll be on your way to creating a perfect guest room.

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