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Solve Storage Challenges With an Armoire

Every Room in Your Home Could Use One


An armoire is a tall cabinet, usually with drawers, shelves, and doors, used for storing clothes or household items. With our help, you'll find ways to make use of an armoire all around your home.

An armoire is a very versatile piece of furniture and can be used exclusively for decoration or for the main storage unit in any room in the house. It can hold clothes, household furnishings, china, stereo equipment or a computer. The possibilities are endless!

Historically, an armoire was used as a clothes closet to store apparel in homes that did not have a built-in closet. Today, it can be fitted with shelves, drawers, hanging poles, or left open.

Armoires were once made of beautifully finished wood, either waxed or painted. Now high-tech materials are used to create this wonderful storage piece to fit in any setting.

This one piece of furniture will be one of the most useful pieces you own. Read on to find ways to use an armoire throughout your home. You'll probably be able to think of lots more!

  • In a Family Room or Living Room
    • Hide a Television
      By installing shelves and having a hole cut out in the back of the cabinet, an armoire is the perfect place to hide a television and CD player. A cut-out at the back will channel all the wires. Watch movies or television shows, and then close the doors to conceal everything.
    • House Your Stereo and Video Equipment
      With so many high-tech components, stereo, disk changers, and other audio/video items in people's homes, they'll fit well into an armoire or entertainment center. Keep the doors closed, with speakers arranged around the room, to maintain a neat look.
    • Store Games and Activity Kits
      Sort games, dice and cards, in coordinated plastic storage boxes and keep them hidden away until you're ready to play.
    • Organize Your Hobby Equipment
      From model plane kits to knitting projects, an armoire is a perfect place to put away craft and hobby projects when not in use. Add hooks or pegs on the side walls or doors to hang things.
    • File Your Music and Instruments
      This won't work if you play a bass or piano, but an armoire is a great place to store a musical instrument, carrying case, and all the sheet or book music that goes along with your hobby.
    • Archive Your Memories
      Scrap booking supplies, souvenirs, photo albums, and collections can be stored together in an armoire. With the items in the family room, everyone will be able to get to whatever they want.
  • In a Bedroom
    • Clothing Storage
      An armoire is a perfect place to store folded sweaters, shirts, lingerie, bedding, and miscellaneous items.
    • Accessory Garage
      Purses, shoes, scarves, and jewelry can find a home in an armoire. Keep pieces sorted, shoes in pairs, necklaces and bracelets hanging on hooks on the side walls. Add pegs or small rods for scarves so they don't get wrinkled.
    • Make-Up Center
      Keep your make-up sorted and organized on a shelf in an armoire. Include a mirror and install a plug for curling iron or hair dryer. When you're beautiful, close up the doors.
    • Entertainment Central
      If you enjoy watching TV from bed, hide it behind the doors of an armoire. The room will look neat and orderly, but you'll have your evening or morning entertainment at hand.
  • In a Bathroom
    • Store Your Linens
      Store towels and bedding, neatly folded, on the shelves of an armoire in the bathroom. Keep scented papers near so that everything comes out fresh-as-a-daisy.
    • Cleaning Supplies
      Have everything you need for bathroom cleaning right where you use it. No more trips to the basement or garage for cleanser to clean the tub. Keep a handled tote filled with glass cleaner, clean rags, scrubbers, soap scum scrub, and shower cleaner.
    • Everything to Get Ready
      If you don't have room elsewhere, a bathroom is a perfect place to fix your hair, shave, apply cosmetics, or do your nails. Keep all your supplies in an armoire in your bathroom, including a robe and slippers.

    Read on for more great uses for an armoire in every room of your home.

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