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5 Unusual Plant Containers

When it Comes to Displaying Plants and Flowers Think Outside the Box


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Lauren Flanagan
Unusual plant containers can add a touch of the wacky, whimsical and unexpected to your home. Whether your style is formal, casual, vintage or modern, an unusual container can add just the conversation piece you've been looking for. If you like to do things just a little outside the box, check out these unusual plant container ideas.

Old Silver

Pieces of old silver can make beautiful and elegant containers for plants and flowers. For slightly fancier and formal rooms why not try displaying flowers in a silver champagne bucket? Tulips look beautiful, as do roses. Just be sure not to make too large of a display because it can overwhelm the container. Stick with simple elegant flowers and you'll have a winner. For the same look but on a smaller scale, put small plants or petite floral arrangements in small pieces like gravy boats. To make it even more whimsical, place a few of these pieces on a table and cover them in glass cloches.

Rubber Boots

Cheer up your entryway or mudroom with a collection of floral branches displayed in a pair of rubber boots. There are lots of cute, cheap boots out on the market, but you can also use an old pair of your own. To dress them up a little tie a piece of pretty ribbon around them.

Vintage Tins

Vintage tins make great unusual plant containers. Scour second-hand stores in your area or check out websites like Ebay. Vintage cookie tins, tea and coffee containers – the sky's the limit. Just look for something that will suit your décor then have at it.

Tea Pots

Tea pots and coffee pots filled with plants and flowers are reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

Old Books

This one is definitely a little unusual, but if you've got some old, thick books that you no longer want, cut out a square in the pages and fill it with soil and a plant. You'll never be able to use the book again, but you'll have a definite conversation piece! (Don't forget to line it so that it doesn't get ruined the first time you water it.)

Just about anything can become a plant container. The key is to use your imagination and not be afraid to try something a little different. Just remember to think about drainage issues when you're planting.

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