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Using Flowers in Decorating

What looks more beautiful in a home than fresh or good artificial flowers? I can't think of anything! Whether they're traditional or artistic, flowers bring a certain look to any space. Learn how to make your own floral arrangements for your home, get flower care tips, watch pros at work, and find out how to use flowers in decorating and entertaining at these sites.
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Decorating with Flowers
Decorating your home with fresh flowers is the perfect way to beautify and freshen your home while bringing the outside in. Learn how from our article by guest writer, Andrea Sparks.

Quick Decorating Makeovers You Can Do in a Day
You don’t have to do a whole decorating makeover to see a change in your home. Adding beautiful flowers in almost every room can really bring about a fresh look. Read here about other things you can do in an hour or a day that can really make a difference.

Tropical Flowers for Summer
Bring a touch of the tropics to your home's decor with tropical florals for summer.

5 Unusual Plant Containers
Unusual plant containers can add a touch of the wacky, whimsical and unexpected to your home. Whether your style is formal, casual, vintage or modern, an unusual container can add just the conversation piece you've been looking for.

Get Inspired with these Beautiful Floral Photos
Inspiration for beautiful floral displays.

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