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Arranging Furniture

All about floor plans and arranging furniture. Learn how to measure your room and draw a floorplan. Then arrange furniture and plan your space with helpful hints and tips.

What to Put in Front of Your Sofa
Not every living room or family room sofa has to have a sofa table sitting in front of it. We offer some options to this over-used piece of furniture

Arrange the Furniture Before You Build
Anyone who has built or remodeled a home knows the sense of anticipation before moving in. But how can you be sure that everything will fit? See these considerations for arranging the furniture before you build.

Small Spaces: How To Make a Room Look Larger
Do you live in a small apartment or tiny home? If so, these solutions for small spaces may help make rooms look larger.

You Might Need a Designer If...
Do you need a professional interior designer or decorator for your project? Find out here with these reasons why you might want to hire a pro, or if you're better off doing it yourself.

Arranging a Room
Very good basic info on how to arrange a room by placing the largest pieces first from HomeFurnish.com.

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