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Easy to Install Snap and Click Flooring

Easy Flooring that can be Installed in a Weekend


IKEA Flooring Image

LAKT flooring by IKEA with click-lock function.

Installing floorboards is easier than ever for DIYers thanks to snap and click flooring. Without the pain of dealing with messy glues or hard nails homeowners can easily install a brand new floor in a fairly short period of time (a weekend is often enough).

Snap and click flooring boards have milled tongues and grooves along the sides that lock together when joined. Historically these types of planks needed to be joined with an adhesive to ensure they would stay in place, but not with snap and/or click flooring.

When installing this type of flooring, you lay down the first row in a straight line (even if the floor is not straight) then place the first plank of the second row. Hold the plank on a slight angle in order to maneuver the tongue into the groove and then slowly lower the plank, snapping it into place. Gently tap it with a hammer to make sure it's secure. If you're going to take on this project be sure to read the detailed instructions on how to install a snap together wood floor.

Snap and click flooring is quickly becoming the norm because it's so easy to use. Aside from flooring stores, larger home improvement and even furniture stores are now selling it. Check stores like the Home Depot and Ikea and you'll find a wide range.

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