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Decorating Your First Apartment

Find tips from the net on putting together your first apartment. Get strategies for storage, decorating ideas, furniture sources, and more! Good info as well as some fun stuff!
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Tips for Furnishing a Small Apartment
Whether you are in a temporary space or move from rental to rental, you'll probably want to make your home feel homey and personal. Read how to plan for your needs and create a space that reflects your likes and dislikes.

Small Spaces: How To Make a Room Look Larger
Find ways to make even the smallest room look bigger. You'll get some great tips to fool the eye.

28 Tips for Hanging Artwork
If you're wondering about the right way to hang your pictures or artwork, you've come to the right place! You'll read about matting, heights, arrangements, and placement of art for greatest enjoyment.

"Common Decorating Mistakes" by Designers
Helpful tips from interior designers on avoiding some of the more common decorating mistakes.

Artwork on a Budget
If you've spent your budget on furniture and paint, but still have bare walls, read our ideas for finding or creating artwork for your home.

"Furnishings on a Budget"
You have great taste, you know what you want... but you can't afford it. If this is your dilemma you'll enjoy this look at sources for cheap or reasonably priced furnishings for your home.

Ten Tips for Small Spaces
Guest writer, Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, author of "Apartment Therapy: The Eight-Step Home Cure" offers a short article of tips on how to solve small-space decorating challenges.

"Lessons in A Small Room"
Condos and apartments offer unique challenges in decorating: will everything fit, which colors should be used, and how can spaces be multi-functional and still beautiful? Get tips in this designer interview with photos!

"Apartment Therapy" by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan
Author Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan introduces the "Eight-Step Home Cure" for a home that doesn't work in his book, Apartment Therapy. Read About.com's review of this book.

Decorating Style Guides
Do you know what style you want to decorate your home? Is if French Country or Rustic, Cottage Style or Contemporary? Learn about the different characteristics of many styles of interior decorating and decide which is for you.

Stylish Slipcovers Help Make Over a Room
Sliding on a slipcover can work wonders in changing the look of a room. See photos of different slipcover solutions.

"Small Spaces: How To Make a Room Look Larger"
Do you live in a small apartment or tiny home? If so, these solutions for small spaces may help make rooms look larger.

Top 10 Furnishings for First-Time Furniture Buyers
If you're just starting out, you'll find our guide to furniture buying helpful. See what we recommend as the first pieces of furniture you should get to furnish your first home.

Furnishings on a Budget
You have great taste, you know what you want... but you can't afford it. If this is your dilemma, you'll enjoy this look at sources for cheap or reasonably priced furnishings for your home.

"What to Put at the End of a Bed"
Have some room at the end of a bed? There are lots of ways to use this space to add some function or style to your bedroom.

Storage Solutions
This article offers ideas for finding and using storage space all over your home.

Guide to Bed Sizes
Are you confused about the difference between a King and California King bed? Just what is a Queen bed? Our article will tell you the differences in sizes of beds and help you choose the right one for your life and your space.

Making a Small Bathroom Look Bigger
When you have a small bathroom, you need some decorating tricks to help visually expand the space. Get some ideas on strategies to make your tiny rooms feel bigger.

An Armoire for Every Room in the House
An armoire is a versatile piece of furniture that is useful in almost any room in your home.

What to Put at the End of a Bed
If you have a bit of room at the end of your bed, learn ways to make the most of the space.

Common Decorating Mistakes From Designers
Interior Designers tell ways to avoid some common decorating mistakes.

Top 10 Decorating Projects for Do-It-Yourselfers
If you love to do things yourself, you might be inspired by some of the projects listed here.

Apartment Decor on a Budget
The online Rental Decorating Digest offers these decorating ideas aimed at apartment living.

Christopher Lowell on Apartment Decor
A list of problems and rooms with some quick and simple ideas and solutions.

Decorating by Room
The Rental Decorating Digest offers tips on decorating every room on your apartment.

Digs Magazine
Some articles and how-tos on enhancing your "digs".

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