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Decorate the Outside of Your Home for Fall


Fall is the time when people move indoors and welcome guests to warm visits over cider. Greet your guests with a beautifully decorated entrance. We've put together a slide show of beautiful and simple decorations for the outside of your home for fall. Using materials you may have in your yard or can pick up at the market, the outside of your home will look as warm and welcoming as it is inside.

You'll want to see our Slide Show of Easy Indoor Decorations for Fall too!

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Spectacular Plant Arrangment on Stairs and PorchMini Pumpkins on Fence PostsTwig Wreath on Weathered Shingled HomePumpkins on Stone Steps
Pumpkin Over White House DoorPlants and GourdsScraggly Twigs Over Outdoor LightTwo Big Pumpkins
Basket on Door of Red HouseDried Corn on Green HouseTopiaries and PumpkinsPumpkins Over Door

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