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Decorating Projects for Back to School

Make the Most of the Time You Have


Leaf Wreath

Colored leaves on this door wreath welcome visitors and fall.

Coral Nafie
When your kids go back to school, do you wonder how you'll spend your free time? You'll get lots of ideas for decorating and home projects from our guide for Back to School.

Get Ready for Back to School

  • Dorm Decor -- Find great design inspiration, fabulous resources, helpful storage ideas, decorating and organizing tips, and more for a great dorm room!

  • Organize with a Planner -- Lots of sources for organizing notebooks, agendas, and planners to make your back-to-school easier.

  • Back to Design School? -- With the kids back at school this might just be the time for you to find out about getting an education in interior design. Use these resources to find listings of colleges, accredited programs listed by state, and links to educational information for design students.

  • Learning to Decorate -- Look here for online decorating tutorials, classes, and tips.

Time to Get Organized!

Start Thinking About Getting Ready for the Holidays!

Plan Ahead With Great Household Moving Tips

  • Before You Move In -- Fall is a prime time to move. Don't miss this list of our favorite projects for things to do before the moving truck arrives!

  • Moving Tips -- If you're ready to move, find great ways to get your things organized!

Great Projects for Fall

Special Projects for Kids' Rooms

You Deserve a Break!

  • Are You a Decorating Fanatic? -- Are you a hopeless home decorating fanatic? Find out by answering the questions in this fun quiz.

  • Home Decor Quiz -- There are no prizes, but you'll have fun taking this home decorating 'quiz' online.

  • Online Style Quizzes -- By answering the questions on these style quizzes, you might discover what type and style of home furnishings you'd love to live with.

Welcoming Guests to Your Home

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