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Fall Centerpiece With Planted Mums

This Fall Centerpiece Arrangement Will Last Throughout the Season


When fresh flowers are hard to find or you want a decoration that will last through the season, consider using live plants for your fall centerpiece.

This fall arrangement of live plants, with regular care, can adorn your coffee table, mantle, or buffet all through the fall.

It's simple and dramatic. What could be better? Oh, did I mention easy?

To make this natural plant arrangement, you'll need:

  • Low growing fall mum plants

  • Ivy or fern plant

  • Floral moss

Follow these simple instructions:

  1. Place several small fall mum plants in a grouping inside a large basket or container.

  2. Add a fern or ivy for to fill in and add texture. Spread out the leaves around the mum plants or onto the table.

  3. Arrange moss around the base of the plants to camouflage the plastic pots.

  4. Place the arrangement on a piece of plastic or glass or on a platter if it's going on your dining table.

Here are a few variations on the idea and tips for care:

  • Wrap a sheet of moss around each flower pot and tie with raffia to hold it in place. Set the individual pots on the table.

  • Place pieces of fresh fruit or vegetables in with the plants.

  • Tie individual pots with fall-colored ribbons.

  • Be sure to water the plants regularly, according to the directions, to keep the decoration fresh.

  • Tie raffia or fall-colored ribbons around the base of the pots or planter.

  • Arrange votive candles in fall colors at the base of the planter.

  • Place dried or artificial leaves on the table between the votive candles.

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