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Mantle Decorating for Fall

Frame Your Fireplace With Fall Colors


Photo by Glenna Morton
Photo by Glenna Morton
There's something about a new season or special holiday that just asks for a special decoration for your home. But who has time to spend on something elaborate, expensive, and elegant?

You don't really need to spend a lot of time to create a decorative motif for your mantle. We have some ideas for pretty, simple, and inexpensive decorated mantles just perfect for your special fall or Thanksgiving party. And you'll be able to enjoy them long after your guests have left.

With a bit of inspiration, easily found materials, and a very little time, you'll have a wonderful decoration for your mantle.

Start with leaves, pine cones, and twigs you can pick up around the yard or in a park. Then add interesting gourds, Indian corn, and colorful mini-pumpkins. Finish off your display with brass, wood, or silver candle holders and candles in fall colors. Voila! You have a sensational seasonal decoration.

Add a beautiful Fall Centerpiece That You Can Make Yourself to your home's decor for a special touch that will last for weeks.

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