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Fall Window and Door Decorations

Greet Your Guests With Fall Decorations


Fall Window and Door Decorations

A simple garland and wreath bring fall to this beautiful home.

Glenna J. Morton
When the weather cools and the kids go back to school, it's fun to think about making changes around the house, too--changes that will welcome fall and add a warm glow to your home.

We offer some simple and inexpensive ideas for adding the touch of autumn to your windows and doors. Simple craft supplies are all you need.

  • Fall Wreaths
    There's really nothing as welcoming as a wreath on the front door. And you don't have to wait until Christmas to put one up. In fact, I have a wreath on my front door through the year, each one decorated for the season or holiday. There are lots of options for fall wreaths for your front door.

    You don't necessarily have to reserve a wreath or for the outside of your home. Bring the look of the wreath to indoors as well. Place one on the kitchen or pantry door, decorated with fall vegetables. A fall colored wreath looks beautiful over a mantle. You can find all sorts of places to put a wreath on inside doors. And a garland around the windows or doors in a family room or kitchen add a warm glow.

    For ideas on making and using a fall wreath, you'll want to read our article Decorate Your Home With a Fall Wreath. Read about online wreath sources and ideas for making your own fall wreath.

    A grapevine wreath gives a dark, warm look to any decoration. A straw wreath form is a lighter fall look and is easy to use when you want to attach lots of decorations. You can use either a grapevine wreath or straw wreath form as the base. These wreaths last a long time and can span through fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving with simple attachments and different colored ribbons.

    Decorate a grapevine wreath with autumn-colored mums, either silk, dried and preserved, or fresh. Attach artificial gourds and pumpkins, small corn, and a ribbon. For Halloween, add mini pumpkins and small Halloween decorations or lights. After Halloween, remove any holiday items, and add your choice of fall berries, cattails, wheat, and a raffia or fall ribbon for a wreath that will last through Thanksgiving.

    Learn how to make a floral bow to decorate your fall wreath or garland.

    Gather all your wreath-making supplies together, decide on your theme based on what you have, and start arranging the decorations.

    • You'll need the following items:

      • A wreath form which you can make yourself or buy ready-made at a craft store
      • Picks or sprigs of real or silk leaves and flowers
      • Raffia for a country look
      • Ribbon for a more traditional look
      • Wire or a hot glue gun to attach the decorations
      • Wire to hang the wreath
    • Use a grapevine wreath form, add raffia, fall leaves, and a few berry picks for a beautiful raffia wreath.

    • Using a straw wreath form, add decorations for a charming charming fall wreath with birds, leaves, and raffia.

    • Take a simple straw wreath and wind it with some colorful fall ribbon. Pin or glue ribbon in place, then add a bow on the top or bottom of the wreath. Under the bow pin or glue some wheat springs horizontally, sticking out each side.

    • Build your own colorful fall wreath with the simple directions in our tutorial. Gather together colored leaves, either real or silk, some corn husk ribbon, and be creative.

    • For a slightly more formal looking wreath that you can use inside or out, check out our fall wreath with mums. If you choose to use real flowers for this porject, place the mums in vials of water for a longer-lasting decoration.

  • Autumn Garlands
    A garland hanging around a doorway or window frame is a cheery, welcoming sight. It shows that the homeowner loves the season and wants to bring color to the space.

    • Secure some small brass cup hooks, screw-in L-hooks or 4" nails around the edge of your front door frame. These will serve as the frame or base of anything you'll hang around the door or window.

    • For a door or window decoration that will last for several months, use wire or pipe cleaners to attach a garland securely to the hooks. After Thanksgiving, use the same hooks to secure a pine garland and white or colored outdoor lights.

    • Purchase a ready-made fall garland at a craft store and arrange the length over the nails or hooks you've installed. Add bows at the corners or ends of the tails for a decorative touch.

    • Weave strings of seasonal mini-lights through the garland. Be sure to have the end with the light plug nearest to the electrical outlet.

    • Arrange seasonal lights over the hooks by themselves, without a garland. Don't forget to light them when the sun goes down!

  • More Outdoor Decorating for Fall
    We have a great slide show of ideas for outdoor decorating for fall. Some of the ideas are things you can easily put together yourself after a stroll in the woods or a visit to the produce market. In the photos, see how the homeowners have featured and emphasized the architectural details in their homes. Custom planning helps to emphasize and add elegance to the home while keeping a natural simplicity.

Read more about fall decorating, from mantles and fireplaces to tables and centerpieces.

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