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Get Ready to Make Your Own Fall Decorations

Add Autumn Style Indoors and Out With Our Tips


Get Ready to Make Your Own Fall Decorations

This elegant table is set for any fall dinner.

Decorating for fall is a simple thing! You really don't have to go out and invest in a lot of money in materials to put together a really lovely seasonal decoration for fall. Mother Nature has provided almost everything you need to make a fall wreath, fall centerpiece, outdoor decoration, or mantle arrangement.

To get off to a good start, we've put together some tips on fall decorating, then guide you to resources for ideas and inspiration for beautiful fall decorations that you can make for your home.

  • Assemble a Decorating Kit
    Gather together some simple tools and supplies that you'll need to make a fall decoration. Include scissors, a wire cutter, a tape measure, pliers, a hot glue gun, tacks and hammer, garden clippers, floral wire, pencils, felt protector circles, and raffia. Organize the items in a tool box that you can easily pick up when you're ready to work on a project. Most of these things will be great to have together for any holiday decorating, so it will really be helpful to have them in one place.

  • Take a Walk in the Woods
    Some of the most wonderful things you can use to decorate your home for fall are probably in your back yard and won't cost a penny. With a big basket or bucket in hand, collect broken tree branches, cat tails, shafts of wheat, pine cones, or seed pods. You can use just about any natural item in a fall decoration.

  • Things to Use Year After Year
    Visit a local craft supply store or florist and buy several branches of preserved leaves in colors to compliment your home's decor. These leaves have been chemically treated to remain soft for years and won't crack and dry up. They usually are available in dark green, shades of orange and yellow, red, and brown. Stalks of wheat tied in bunches and dried corn last, too. If you want add special touches, look for decorative fall ribbon and artificial garlands, vines, or picks of mums, zinnias, or other flowers in fall colors. If you don't have extras from Christmas, buy a string or two of white mini lights for a mantle or door garland.

  • Save Your Furniture
    Fresh, preserved, and dried items such as leaves, pumpkins, or gourds get soft and "bleed" after a short time. To protect your furniture, either natural wood or painted, always assemble your decoration on a platter, plastic wrap, plate, wooden board, or aluminum foil. This will make it easier to move it to another location, too.

  • Plan Your Storage Before You Start
    If they're stored carefully, most dried corn and wheat stalks, preserved leaves, and berries will last for several years. To keep bugs out, keep your fall decorating items in air-tight plastic storage boxes. Because they tend to be bulky, you might need more than one box. Carefully label the box and store it in a dry lace. Label garlands and other decorations so you know where to put them the next year.

Now, you're ready to get started on some great fall decorating!

See our slide show of Simple Fall Decorations for Your Home then view pictures of Fall Decor for the Outside of Your Home.

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