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Fall Decorations from Nature

Use Items Found in the Great Outdoors to Dress Up Your Home this Season


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Fall decorations found in the great outdoors are all you need to dress up your home for autumn.

One of the reasons fall decorating is so popular is that fall decorations can be very cheap and very easy to come by. Unlike Christmas decorating where you often need to buy a lot of items, fall decorations can often be found in the great outdoors.


You might not be able to go for a walk in the park and search for pumpkins, but they're still pretty easy to find. In the fall it seems as though every grocery store, fruit market and craft store sells pumpkins. They're inexpensive and there are a ton of things that can be done with them. Carve them, paint them or leave them as is, wherever you place a pumpkin – indoors or out - you'll get a burst of fall flavor.


Gourds are terrific fall decorations. They're quirky, a little funny looking and lots of fun. Like with pumpkins you can either leave them as is or paint them. Scatter them on a mantel, create a centerpiece, or hollow them out and use them as candle holders: there's no end to what can be done with gourds.


Pinecones are the perfect fall and winter decoration. They have a certain sculptural beauty that looks great when used in all sorts of displays. Best of all, they can be found for free. Try making a pinecone wreath, displaying a bunch in a big glass bowl, or spray-painting them and placing them on a three-tiered cake plate for a centerpiece full of sophisticated seasonal flair.

Sticks and Berries

Could it be any easier? Grab some sticks and berries next time you're walking in the woods and put them in a nice cylinder vase, umbrella stand, or wicker container for a simple burst of autumn. Can't find any sticks with berries? Don't worry, a vase full of plain branches looks just as good.

Decorating for fall doesn't have to be complicates or expensive. All it takes is a little imagination and some natural fall decorations and your home can be full of festive fall flavor. Remember, sometimes simple is best.

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