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Decorating for Fall

Lots of fall decorating ideas including projects and fun entertaining tips for Halloween and Thanksgiving.
  1. Decorating for Thanksgiving
  2. Fun Halloween Decorating

Mantle Decorating for Fall
Add a dramatic touch to your fireplace mantle with these ideas from About.com.

A Quick List of Fall Ideas!
One handy page all of our Fall ideas and projects!

Fall and Thanksgiving Centerpieces You Can Make Yourself
With one great bowl, Nature's harvest from the grocery store, and a bit of time and creativity, you can put together wonderful centerpieces that will last from the first days of fall through Thanksgiving.

Easy Indoor Fall Decorating Ideas
Just about anyone can add touches of fall to their home by adding colored leaves, dried corn, or raffia decorations. Our slide show offers ideas for simple decorating your home for fall with links to instructions for many.

Decorate the Outside of Your Home for Fall
We've put together a slide show of beautiful and simple decorations for the outside of your home for fall. Using materials you may have in your yard or can pick up at the market, your home will welcome visitors throughout the season.

All Centerpiece Projects
Photo project pages to make your own simple and stunning table centerpieces for fall.

Fall Window and Door Decorations
Welcome the season and your guests with easy do-it-yourself decorations for your windows and doors.

Decorate Your Home With a Fall Wreath
There's no time like the fall to bring the colors of the season into your home. Warm summer days have passed and you want to warm up the inside. Use the beautiful colors of fall leaves, pumpkins, dried stalks of corn or wheat to decorate your home.

Fall Raffia Wreath Project
Learn how to make a charming country-style wreath with a straw wreath and raffia.

Trade a Mirror Over the Mantle With a Wreath for a Seasonal Change
It's fun to change the look of your room in honor of a season change or special holiday. With this simple idea, your room will be ready for fall.

Fall Pumpkin Displays
Even if you have no time or no desire to carve a jack-o-lantern this fall, pumpkins can still be a part of your seasonal decorations from late September through Thanksgiving. Here are some pretty ways to display pumpkins, indoors and out.

Fall Wreath with Mums
Get simple instructions on how to make this beautiful and versatile fall wreath for your door or tabletop.

One Great Bowl -- Lots of Great Centerpieces
Creating a centerpiece for your home might seem difficult, to say the least. Having a single container to use can make the process less challenging.

Make Your Own Fall Decorations
As the cool fall approaches, it's time to take down the summer decorations and make room for pumpkins, raffia wreaths, and colored leaves. We have some good ideas for decorating your home for fall.

From Fashion Week to Living Room Chic
Beasley & Henley Interior Design shows how you can use elegant and contemporary design to make your home as trendy and eye-catching as the newest fall fashions.

Fall Centerpiece with Mums
When fresh flowers are hard to find or you want a decoration that will last through the season, consider using live plants for your table centerpiece. This arrangement of live plants, with regular care, can adorn your coffee table, mantle, or buffet all through the fall.

A Platter of Nature's Harvest
A trip to the garden, orchard, or grocery store will provide all the ingredients you'll need to make this delicious looking centerpiece using fruits and vegetables.

Back to School Decorating Ideas
Summer is nearly gone and the kids are going back to school. Here's our list of decorating tips and projects for back to school time.

Fall and Halloween Decor
Links to get you to ideas, photos, and instructions. Whether you need a costume for the kids, party ideas, or an elegant fall centerpiece, this is the place to start!

Fall Showhouses
Find a decorator showhouse and attend to see the latest trends and colors.

Craft Projects
Get instructions online for many holiday, home, decorating, and gift items from Michaels. Search by holiday name to get specifics.

HGTV on Thanksgiving
Several projects inspired by the autumn season.

Wreaths for Fall
This slide show from BHG.com shows beautifully decorated wreaths perfect for a fall door from September through Thanksgiving.

Fall Decorating Ideas
Simple ideas for fall decorating

Sophisticated Fall Decorating Ideas
Check out these fall decorating ideas that will add sophistication to your displays and centerpieces.

Fall Decorations from Nature
Fall decorations found in the great outdoors are all you need to dress up your home for autumn.

Quick and Easy Fall Place Cards
Add a personal touch to your table with these quick and easy ideas for fall place cards.

Dress Up Your Home with These Easy and Elegant Fall Displays
Decorate for fall with these easy, elegant fall displays.

Decorating a Thanksgiving Table
Great ideas for decorating your Thanksgiving table.

Seven Must Have Accessories for Fall
Here are seven 'must-have' accessories that will help give you home that autumn look.

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