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Elements of Decor for Your Home

When decorating a room, there are many things to think about. Space planning, flooring, lighting, furniture, and window treatments are just a few. You'll find interesting information here about how to incorporate all of the elements of décor into your decorating project and use them to the best advantage for your space.
  1. Accessories and Accents (151)
  2. Art in Decorating (35)
  3. Color in Decor (80)
  4. Decorative Moldings (32)
  5. Fabrics In Decorating (48)
  6. Fireplaces (23)
  7. Flooring (135)
  8. Furniture (464)
  9. Interior Lighting (120)
  10. Luxury Home Products (57)
  11. Using Flowers in Decorating (50)
  12. Walls and Ceilings (315)
  13. Window Treatments (94)

Finishing Touches Perk Up a Room
If you've been decorating a room but just don't think it's done, you probably need to add some finishing touches. Our tips on adding finishing touches to your decorating project might just be the answer to "What have I forgotten?"

Decorating with White
Tips for decorating an all-white room

Decorating with Yellow
Despite its popularity, yellow can be a bit tricky to work with. Read on to learn some tips and tricks for decorating with yellow.

How to Create a Beautiful Front Door
Create a warm welcome with a stylish front door

Decorating with Flea Market FInds
Add charm and unique personality to your home by decorating with flea market finds.

Get a Beautiful Front Door
A collection of images that will inspire you to get a beautiful front door.

Dress Up Boring Walls with Easy Wall Decor
11 ways to add wall decor without breaking the bank.

Home Decorating Ideas - Mixing Modern Items with Antiques
Create balance and scale in any room with great home decorating ideas about mixing modern items with antiques.

Decorating Tips - How to Mix High and Low
Decorating tips that will help you learn how to mix expensive items with cheap ones for a well-balanced room.

How to Mix Home Decor Trends with Classics
How to Mix Home Decor Trends with Classic Items

Decorating with Turquoise
Few colors are as playful as turquoise. Depending on how you use it, turquoise decor can be bold, whimsical, dreamy, or lively. Check out some of these ideas for decorating with turquoise.

Decorating with Orange
There's no better way to add a vibrant burst of energy to your interior space than with orange, but decorating with orange isn't always easy. Check out these tips and suggestions for decorating with this bold and sunny color.

End Table Shopping Tips
There was a time when people decorated their homes with matching furniture sets. It made shopping easy, but rooms often ended up looking...

5 Ideas for Decorating with Books
If you're the kind of person who loves to collect books you may find at some point they fill up your bookshelves and start to spill over into other areas. For some of us it seems as though books begin to take over our entire homes. But don't worry, there are many ways of decorating with books that make them fit right in and look great in your...

Buying Patterns
Once you've figured out what kinds of patterns you like and what you think will suit your home it's time to go shopping. Here are some tips for buying patterns you'll be happy with.

How to Mix Patterns
Many people get intimidated and confused when it comes to mixing patterns and using more than one in the same room. But there's ne need to be. Coordinating and mixing patterns is actually quite easy.

Decorating Bookshelves
Don't just fill your bookshelves with a bunch of books. Use them as an opportunity to make a great looking focal point for you room. Accessorize them, arrange them, personalize them, and have fun with them. Decorating bookshelves in a thoughtful way will ensure they won't just be functional, they'll look great too!

Prop Styling for the Home
Make your home look like it was styled by a professional.

Decorating with Patterns

If you want to inject a little life into a space one of the best ways to do so is by adding some patterns. A pattern is a decorative design consisting of a shape (or shapes) set against backgrounds or other shapes. Patterns come in unending varieties of designs, shapes and colors.

It can be done in a small way by adding a patterned accent pillow to a chair or sofa, or framing a piece of patterned fabric and hanging it on the wall; or it can be done on a grand scale by wallpapering an entire room or covering large furniture with patterned upholstery. It all depends on what kind of look you're going for and what suits your style.

The following articles will help you figure out what patterns will work best for your space and how to mix and match patterns to achieve a desired look.



How to Choose Patterns
Choosing patterns for home décor isn't always easy. There are so many to choose from that the decision can seem overwhelming. Check out these tips for choosing patterns that will work in your home.

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