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What's HOT in Dorm Decor

Decorating Trends for Dorm Rooms


What's HOT in Dorm Decor

A great print has lots of today's colors.

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If you're setting up a dorm room, you'll want to be up-to-date with your accessories and stuff. Read on for the hottest ideas in products, color, and trends for decorating your dorm room for 2006.

  • BACK-TO-SCHOOL COLORS for 2007 include blues, pink, lavendar, brown, and navy. As always, silver, black, white, and clear are big. Stripes and plaids are everywhere, splashed with bold graphic designs.

    If you pick your favorite you'll feel right at home. Combine bedding, storage, laundry accessories, shelving, and lighting to achieve a really HOT looking dorm room.

  • HOT METALS in shiny chrome or brushed steel are great for lamps, bookshelves, or desk organizers. Or try metal mesh for a see-through look. Combine metals, woods, and transluscent plastics for a look that's really HOT!

  • HOT PRODUCTS have to be both decorative and practical. You'll find pop-up cubes, folding laundry holders, a luxurious electrical massage chair, collapsible file boxes, totes, trendy lava lamps, great shelving ideas, and new-wave sound systems.

  • HOT COLORS that may not appeal to boys, but really make a girl's room pop, are bold pink, tangerine, and lavendar.

  • HOT PATTERNS for dorm decor for both boys and girls include colorful stipes, retro circle prints, surf motifs, color-block solids, classic plaids, and madras patchwork.

  • COLORFUL PLASTICS show up in clocks, up-light lamps, chairs, a plastic and metal shelving tower, totes, hair dryers, and desk organizers.

  • FUNCTIONALITY is a must, as your space will be limited. Look for rolling luggage for travel and storage, bed risers to make storage space under the bed, and feather beds for sleeping comfort.

  • FUN STUFF will help you keep organized, on time, and successful. Don't forget memory boards or bulletin boards, colorful totes, bright bedding, and preppy plaids.

The secret for a pulled-together look for your dorm room is consistency in color and style. While this may be a challenge to coordinate with your roommate, you'll both be happier if you can arrive at a plan. Once you decide on a color or theme, use it everywhere--posters, bedding, room decorations, and accessories.

Where do you start? Browse your options, then pick a color, motif, or theme. What ever you buy, make sure it fits with your plan. Consistency is key!

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~ Coral Nafie

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