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Dorm Decorating Ideas and Sources

If you're moving out to go to college, you'll find good net resources here to help you put together a great dorm room. Find tips on storage, decorating ideas, furniture sources, and more!
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Organize Your Dorm Room With the Help of Someone Who Knows!
The mother of two college students offers her expert advice about getting a dorm room organized and working efficiently.

Dorm Decor - Get Organized With Lists
What should you take to college? These tips on getting organized with lists will help.

Eight Steps to Creating Your Dorm Room
Decorating a dorm room? Here are eight beginning steps with tips on how to start your search for great dorm room decor.

Dorm Room Decor: Choose a Theme
Why choose a decorating theme for your dorm room? Using a butterfly, ethnic, metallic, movie, sports, Star Wars, or regional theme can help simplify shopping by narrowing your choices. Choose a theme from our list, or use it to help you choose your own theme!

Fab Finds for Decorating a Dorm Room
If you’re determined not to end up with lots of cast-off items from the basement or garage when you're setting up your dorm room, you’ll love the great ideas here.

Browse Dorm Decorating Ideas
A quick listing of all the Dorm Decor resources on this site. Bookmark this helpful page of article links for tips, ideas, sources for checklists, products, and more for dorms. If you're going back to school soon you won't want to miss it!

10 Best Dorm Comfort Items
Packing for college? See the 10 Items you may want to add to your list, from rugs and lighting to closet accessories and laundry totes, to help your small space feel homey and comfortable.

Handy Products for Dorm Room Storage
Your new dorm room is one TINY little space. So how are you going to fit in all of your books, linens, luggage, clothes, sound system, computer equipment, and everything else? Get organized, of course!

Help! What Do I Put on the Walls?
When you move into a new place you've probably got a lot of blank walls. How should you decorate them?

How To Cover a Lamp Shade With Fabric
Add a custom touch to a lampshade by covering it with fabric to coordinate with your room's decor.

How To Look Online For Dorm Room Decor
School is just around the corner and you'll be living away from home. Start with these terrific online sources for colorful ideas in bedding, storage products, and accessories for the perfect dorm room.

How To Make an Upholstered Headboard
Making your own custom upholstered headboard can be a fun and satsfying project and add personality to your bedroom. You'll be surprised how easy it is to make.

How To Sponge Paint a Room
Sponge-painting a room can transform a boring space into an exciting area. Learn this simple, yet artistic treatment for painted walls in this How-To from About's Interior Decorating site.

Organize Your Dorm Room!
Your new dorm room is one TINY little space. So how are you going to fit everything in? Get organized, of course!

Shop at Home for Dorm Decor
These online souces for dorm room decor may be just what you need to find those purple towels, poof chairs, inflatable furniture. Take a look at a textbook case of colorful ideas for bed, bath, desk accessories, storage items, and more.

Themes for Dorm Decor
Dorm Room decorating just got easier with these helpful tips and ideas. See how to make a list, choose a room theme, and purchase the items you'll need to make your dorm room something great!

Tips from Students on Dorm Decor
Get Dorm Decorating Tips from students attending The Art Institute of Portland. Find out where they shop, their biggest challenges, and their favorite items.

What's New in Dorm Room Decor!
Want to know what's new for dorms? Here are the colors, themes, and hot products that are showing up in dorm rooms all across the country. Take a peek!

Dorm Decor: From the Gilded Age to the Cyber Era
This article from Harvard Magazine 2002 relates how dorm decor has changed from the late 1800's to the present day. See lots of fun, historical pictures and read how students have adapted away from home.

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