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Top 8 Interior Paint Manufacturers


Painting your walls, ceiling, or furniture can be one of the least expensive ways to bring a fresh change to your space. But if the job is done poorly or the finish doesn't hold up, you'll feel that the results are less than satisfactory. Read here for our top choices of paints for interiors that are available in the US and visit the company websites to help decide which brand is right for your project.

1. Benjamin Moore Paints

Since 1883, this company has produced interior and exterior paint finishes. Through ongoing, rigorous, scientific testing, they have developed products that meet or exceed environmental standards and provide a superb quality for both amateur and professional painters alike. In a House & Garden poll of top interior designers, Benjamin Moore was the No. 1 choice of paints, for use either by their clients or in their own homes.

2. Behr Premium Plus Paint

With superb qualities, reasonable pricing, and immediate accessibility, Behr Paint is a top choice for interior paint. The Behr Premium Plus line of interior paints is available at Home Depot centers and tests top-of-the-line on cleanability, hiding, and mildew protection and carries a lifetime warranty. Visit the website for decorating ideas, advise on paint selection, and inspiration for color selection.

3. Valspar American Tradition Paint

Since 1806, Valspar has developed a full line of interior and exterior paints, stains, primers, faux finishes and cleaners. Most finishes are washable and stain resistant and feature easy application, low odor and soap and water clean up of paintbrushes and tools. The products are sold at hardware stores and their American Traditions line, which has excellent hiding, mildew resistance, and stain coverage is available at Lowe's Home Improvement Centers.

4. Dunn-Edwards Paints

This company manufactures, tests, and retails interior and exterior paint products for use in the SW United States, a dry and hot area. They use top quality ingredients formulated to meet environmental standards especially for this special area. The paints have been chosen by interior decorators and designers and professional painters as the top choice for paint for jobs and in their own homes. This website offers information on painting and store locators.

5. Pratt & Lambert Paint

This company has offered top-quality paint, luxurious sheens and colors since its founding in 1849. Their new lightweight container with built-in handle makes it ideal for homeowner use. Their products are sold in hardware and paint stores throughout the US.

6. Dutch Boy

Dutch Boy paints have been used to paint historic buildings since 1907. Though they're very reasonably priced, their products have been rated "very good" by consumers and are readily available at K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Sears, and Orchard Supply Hardware stores throughout the US.

7. Glidden

One of the newest products on the market for interior painting is Glidden's new ceiling paint--it goes on pink, but dries a bright white. Never miss a spot again! This and other Glidden products are sold at Home Depot stores, company stores, hardware stores and paint centers throughout the US.

8. Sherwin-Williams Paint

Since 1866, this company has manufactured interior and exterior surface coating products for homes and industry. They maintain their own storefronts as well as sell in home improvement centers. The Martha Stewart Signature Collection offers colors selected by the home expert. This site reviews products and gives helpful information for do-it-yourself projects and faux finishing, and gives advice on choosing the best product for your job.
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