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Show Your Personality Through Decorating

Express Yourself in Your Home


There are simple and quick ways to add life to your rooms by adding a little of your own personality. We can each express ourselves through our decorating choices.

Here are some things to think about as you discover your personal style.

  • Look Around
    Observe the world around you to find inspiration. What objects in nature are you drawn to? You might be inspired by a trip to a tropical paradise or want to create the feel of an English manor. You may be surprised how simple it can be to bring your own personal style to your home.

  • Find Your Style
    Some people will develop a style preference based on their childhood home. Others will be inspired through television programs, magazine articles, decorator showhouses or design showrooms.

    Sometimes we are instantly attracted to colors or decorating styles which may not be practical for our current circumstances. That doesn’t mean it’s wrong, but try to settle on a style that can be carried throughout your home and will fit your lifestyle.

  • Color Your World
    The feeling you get from your home can change dramatically depending on the colors you bring into it. Color adds interest and vitality instantly. Or it can help to create a soothing mood.

    Walls can be painted any color you can imagine, so don’t discount the idea of painting an entire room red if you’d like. You can use color in fabrics for pillows, window coverings and rugs.

    It is usually best to find fabrics in florals, stripes, and solids that can be repeated throughout the room. Use these fabrics for pillows, window coverings, cushions etc. We have lots of information on choosing color, so find what you like and go for it!

  • Select Furniture Carefully
    Since furniture is often a large expense whether you’re starting fresh or starting over, shop until you find pieces you will admire each time you see them. When my daughter moved into her new home, she needed a comfy sofa for her family room. She chose a gorgeous cranberry sectional, and has added accents of the same color throughout other rooms in her home. It also works well with Christmas decorations.

Read on about using art, plants, collections, and themes in decorating.

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