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Biographies of Interior Designers

Use these links to research the lives and works of specific designers and learn about their contributions to interior decorating and design.

Lauri Ward- Founder of Use What You Have® Decorating
Lauri Ward founded Use What You Have® Inc. in 1981 to provide people who didn’t think they could afford to hire an interior designer with fast, simple, affordable decorating makeovers. Read about Lauri Ward in our profile of her and her Use What You Have, Inc. company.

Alexandra Stoddard
Read about Alexandra Stoddard including information on her many books.

Yvette Piaggio
Yvette Piaggio is a designer and TV host who offers tips on decorating for homeowners.

Bunny Williams
Browse this website for photo galleries of her work.

Chris Casson Madden
This is Chris' official website with information on her books, Bassett Furniture Collection, tips, and more. Choose "Profile" for a bio.

Joe Ruggerio
Website for "Homes Across America", an HGTV show hosted by Joe Ruggerio.

Michael Payne
Each week on HGTV Michael Payne mediates the design style differences of a husband and wife on "Designing for the Sexes".

Sherry Ruggieri
Website for the "Design Basics" HGTV show, hosted by Sherry Ruggieri.

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