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Decorating Pet Friendly Homes

Tips and Advice for Decorating Pet Friendly Homes


For many of us our pets are like members of the family and we'll do whatever it takes to make them feel comfortable and happy. Part of this involves decorating in a way that ensures we have pet friendly homes. Check out our articles for tips and advice for decorating with our furry friends in mind.


Tips for a Pet Friendly Home

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For many pet owners their dogs, cats and other furry or feathered friends are a part of the family. They have free run of the house and make themselves as at home as the two-legged members of the household. But let's face it, they can cause a mess. So here are some tips for keeping your pet-filled home as clean and attractive as possible.


The Worst Fabrics for Pet Owners

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If you're the type of person to allow the pets on the furniture you probably get frustrated with all the cleaning and vacuuming that has to be done. While you'll never be able to eradicate this completely, there are some pet friendly fabrics that will make the job a bit easier. There are also some that will make it a nightmare. If you're going to allow the pets on the furniture it's best if you don't use the following fabrics.


5 Great Pet Friendly Fabrics

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The truth is, if you have pets you'll always have to deal with pet hairs and scratches on the furniture. But there are some fabrics that wear better than others. Check out these five pet friendly fabrics that will help you to keep your furniture looking great even when the pets make themselves at home on it.

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