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Solutions to Decorating Challenges

Whether you're on a strict budget, trying to figure just what to do, or working with a small space, there are solutions to these challenges. Read here for ideas to solve your decorating dilemmas.
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  3. Small Space Decor (20)

Quick Tips for Decorating Challenges
Read some quick tips to help solve simple decorating challenges.

How to Create a Gender Neutral Room
How to decorate a gender neutral room

Tips for a Pet Friendly Home
Your furry friends may be a part of the family but it doesn't have to look that way. Check out these tips for creating an attractive and clean yet pet friendly home.

Decorating Small Spaces
It can be tough to create an airy and open atmosphere in a few hundred square feet, but when properly planned and thought out a small space can be just as beautiful and functional as a large one. In fact, there are plenty of things that can be done when decorating small spaces to make them look larger. Here are a few tips.

Decorating Pet Friendly Homes

For many of us our pets are like members of the family and we'll do whatever it takes to make them feel comfortable and happy. Part of this involves decorating in a way that ensures we have pet friendly homes. Check out our articles for tips and advice for decorating with our furry friends in mind.


Tips and Ideas for Decorating Small Rooms
Make the most of your tiny living area with these rules for decorating small rooms.

Stretch Your Decorating Budget
Decorating a home is expensive, there's no doubt about it. And if you've just bought a home you've probably found that you don't have as much money left over to decorate as you would like. So here are a few ways to stretch your decorating budget so you can have a home that looks like a million bucks.

How to Hide a TV
Televisions are ugly. When they're not turned on they're just big expanses of black that become ugly focal points in out rooms. But all is not lost; there are ways to minimize the visual impact they have. Check out the following tips and learn how to hide a TV so you barely notice it's there.

The Do's and Don'ts of His and Hers Decorating
When it comes to decorating men and women can have very different tastes. Really, any two people can have very different tastes. So if you live with someone else and you need to blend your styles check out these his and hers decorating do's and don'ts.

Decorating Small Spaces
Decorating small spaces certainly poses a few challenges, but with the right design advice you can create a gorgeous environment that feels spacious and beautiful, no matter what the size.

Tips for Mixing His and Hers Styles
Tips for Mixing His and Hers Styles

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